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Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)

Immanuel Church Celebrates Mother's Day with Message on Biblical Women

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Immanuel Community Church celebrated Mother's Day in remembering the Biblical examples of mothers in the book of Exodus. 

"God loves all babies.  In an awesome event that transformed history thirty-six hundred years ago, three amazing, exemplary women - each one hugely different from the other two women - participated in a Divine plan to save a precious baby, Moses, who later saved the whole nations," said Senior Pastor Rev. Paul de Vries

He introduced the account of Exodus 2, how Moses' mother, sister and the Pharaoh's daughter demonstrated God's own character traits, and was a tribute to their Creator. 

4 new comers joined the service and enjoyed the fellowship time on Mother's day, with special celebration of Mark Si family's second daughter, Nancy Si's 100-day birthday. Immanuel Church continues to seek to build the Church where families, children can find true rest and grow in the knowledge of the Lord. 

After service, members participated in the street evangelism and cleaning activity of the Church. May God use Immanuel to transform and bring new life to the neighborhoods.



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