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Immanuel Church Reflects on Children Education from "Jesus' Schooling"

Dr. de Vries

On Sep. 10, Dr. de Vries gave a insightful teaching on Jesus' schooling from the passage in Luke 2:39-52 at New York Immanuel Church. Dr. de Vries shared three dimensions Jesus grew up with as the very example for children's growth.

Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and people. (Luke 2:52) "Inwardly, Jesus grew in wisdom; outwardly he grew in stature; upward and forward is Jesus' 'grace' or 'favor'," said Dr. de Vries.

"Jesus' 'grace' or 'favor', which is the same word(charis, χάρις) translated differently. Jesus' life was defined by the lessons of both grace received and grace given; favor received and favor given. A core meaning of Jesus' life is favor, the divine favor on Jesus whole life, and also the sovereign divine favor he keeps pouring into our lives today.  And this amazing grace/favor now shapes our lives and learning - and our wisdom and stature, too," he explained.

The sermon reminded everyone of the importance of children's education. "We should focus on reaching out to kids in the neighborhoods," shared Immanuel minister Isaac Huang as he encouraged members to pray for the kids program development of Immanuel Church as one of the of key strategies for mission breakthrough in the Bronx.

"It's never too early to expose kids to the Biblical education as we see in Jesus example and how important it is to protect children with the knowledge of God," added the minister. Having great passion towards child early education, Dr. de Vries is also looking forward to helping Immanuel develop the kids program as he has brought many kids Bibles, devotionals for Immanuel Church kids as gifts.

May God continually guide Immanuel Church to settle well this month and expand it to transform the neighborhoods by the work of gospel beginning from early kids education. 

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