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Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)

NYC Immanuel Church Gives Gratitude to God for the Newly Acquired Church Home

Immanuel Church

On Friday December 1, 2017, Immanuel Community Church officially received the title to its church property located at 401 E141 Street, Bronx from the United Methodist City Society. During the Friday prayer meeting and Sunday service held after the title transfer, NYC Immanuel ministers gave glory and praise to God for his amazing gift of the Church home after the 15 years mission history in NYC.

"It's not a work done by man, but can only happen by the hand of God," testified one Immanuel minister at the prayer meeting right after the acquisition of the title. "In the middle of the fundraising campaign, we thought there is no way. However, God opened the way and strengthened till the end."

The pastoral team also shared their reflection during the prayer meeting. "It's really by many members' sacrifice, emptying out, this Church could be fully settled. We want to give thanks to God and also acknowledge that this place we are standing is holy because it's established upon the sacrifice of many. Let's do well."

NYC Immanuel Church Council members who joined the title transfer also encouraged members that it's just the beginning. "With the unity and passion for the house of God, imagining all these are used in the outreach and 1000 members gathered for prayer vigil, how powerful it will be to change this city," shared one deacon. 

On Dec. 3, the first Sunday service held after acquisition of the title, the ministers also led the congregation to give the prayer of gratitude and for the new beginning of Immanuel. "May we remember this victory granted by God, and with one heart continually renovate the Church, reach out to the souls in need. May greater glory of God can be revealed through Immanuel to the city."




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