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Song of Songs 8:5-7: Passionate, Faithful Love

KEY: ... Love is as permanent as death, and the passionate drive of love is as all-consuming as the most terrible power! Its flames are flashes of fire - A pure fire of the Lord God. (Song of Songs 8:6)

One of our Creator's most amazing gifts is his creation of love.  One of the biggest concentrations of references to love is in the brief book Song of Songs (SOS) - with 57 uses of "love" in just eight brief chapters - just 117 verses total.  This SOS is in the "wisdom" section of the Old Testament that includes timeless truths for all of us.

Some people see the SOS as a spiritual song about our love for God, using an inspiring parable of faithful human love.  Others think that the SOS is a celebration of faithful human romantic love that also has important implications for our passionate love of God.  This amazing SOS is probably both - giving precious light to fix our broken spiritual walk and to repair our confused human relationships as women and men.

Valentine (226-269), a devoted Christian minister whose martyrdom is remembered every February 14, is also a model.  As a Bible-based pastor he:

*      Spoke out against the degrading, immoral, sexualized culture of his time

*      Guided teens and young adults into passionate faithful relationships

We need ministry like his now again in our time, 2018!

With St. Valentine's Day just days away, let us shine the redeeming light of the Biblical Song of Songs on our especially challenging lives as passionate, faithful, loving men and women in 2018.

And here is a literal translation of Song of Songs 8:5-7:

Song of Songs 8:5b-7

He:      It was under that apple tree I first woke you up to love, there where your mother gave you birth.  Hold me as a seal to your heart.

She:    Keep me as a signet ring upon your finger.

He:      For love is as permanent as death,

She:    And the passionate drive of love is as all-consuming as the most terrible power!

He:      Its flames are flashes of fire -

She:    A pure fire of the Lord God!

He:      Streams of water cannot put it out;

She:    Floods of water shall never quench the fire of love.

He:      If another man were to give all the treasures of his house for love?

She:    He would be utterly despised!



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