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NYC Ministers Begins Regular Mission Meeting

NYC Immanuel Church

Mission ministers in New York City including Immanuel Church, YEF and Jubillee NYC recently begins the regular meeting to pursue the common mission goal. The weekly meeting has been very fruitful so far. Through the meeting Church and fellowship ministers can better know one another and co-work to improve on the NYC mission. 

The meeting originated from the need of a platform for the mission ministers in NYC to update their current progress, share and pray together for the city. The first meeting was held last Monday. Mission minister from Immanuel Church, YEF and Jubilee NYC all joined and had gracious time as they gathered the strength and focus on mission. A daily noon-time prayer for the city was initiated after the first meeting.

As a joint Easter retreat approaching by the end of the month, NYC mission ministers prayed and worked together to bring new comers to the retreat in Dover. Please pray for the mission revival in the city this year.

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