Immanuel Community Church
Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)


0222 news

Immanuel Church Installs New Sound Equipment to Better Service Quality

Immanuel Church was able to offer last Sunday service with new sound equipment that was installed. This was the anwer to many members' prayer and donation and served as one of the attempts towards the upgrading of service quality

news 1

Immanuel Church Has Gracious Service with Dr. de Vries

New York Immanuel Church had a gracious service with the senior pastor, Dr. de Vries, who delivered a sermon from Luke 10:38-42 as a great hint to solve the conflict between service and relationship with God

0209 news

Immanuel Church collaborates with OTCS to Provide Quality Biblical Education

The very first collaborative work between Immanuel Church and Olivet Theological College & Seminary(OTCS, took place in late November 2016 by giving a 5-week Bible lectures on "Primeval History" under the name Olivet Seminary.

0206 news

Immanuel Church Forms the Sunday School Team to Serve Kids

Recently, Immanuel Church has formed a team of teachers and teacher's assistants(TA) to serve children better. Currently, two Sunday schools are taking place while each English and Chinese service is in progress

Immanuel Church Bronx Site

Immanuel Church Bronx Site Takes Initial Steps towards Renovation

Since the acquisition of the Immanuel Church Bronx site, the importance of making plans for both mission and renovation have been emphasized

Olivet Seminary

Olivet Seminary Concludes with Abundant Grace at Immanuel Church

Initiated by the collaboration of Olivet Theological College and Seminary, OTCS, and Immanuel Community church to help strengthen and further boost members' faith, first Olivet Seminary lecture series was launched five weeks ago and concluded with abundant fruit on January 5

nyc retreat

Immanuel Church Holds Gracious Christmas Retreat

On Saturday, December 17, Immanuel Community Church held a one-day Christmas retreat in the Bronx. Attendees from the northeast region braved the snowstorm on this white Christmas retreat day from New York City, Philadelphia and Boston

1211 news

Senior Pastor of Immanuel Church Gives an Encouraging Message in the Advent Season

Senior Pastor Dr. Paul de Vries of Immanuel Community Church gave an encouraging message in the Advent season from Psalm 110:4 about Melchi-Zedek, the prototype of eternal priest, which strengthened members' faith and prepare them further for God's awesome, abundant grace


Immanuel Church Christmas Mini-retreat Coming up This Weekend

Immanuel Church 2016 Christmas mini-retreat "Light into the World" will be held this Saturday(Dec. 17) at the Bronx Church site. Three messages expounding on the meaning of the birth of Jesus are bound to change attendants' Christmas experience this year

New York

Immanuel Church Service Abounds in God's Grace

As being emphasized, Sunday service is the most important thing in believers's life, Immanuel Church members gather at the Bronx location to be renewed and strengthened during the service time