Immanuel Community Church
Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)



First Olivet Seminary Session Commences, Raising Immanuel Bible Teachers

The first Olivet Seminary session kicked off on Monday, Nov. 28. In total 12 people from Immanuel Church congregants attended and 20 more registered for the precious online study opportunity


Immnauel Church Has a Joyous Thanksgiving Gathering in the Bronx Property

Praise to God's abundant grace, Immanuel Church celebrated the Thanksgiving this year in the newly acquired Bronx property. The Thanksgiving service was held in the sanctuary with a dinner following afterwards in the fellowship hall. Members participated in the meal preparation and had a joyful time

flyer 1

Immanuel Church Co-works with Creatio, Creating Exciting Outreach Tools

NY Immanuel Church has been co-working with the art fellowship, Creatio(, members in creating exciting evangelism flyers and teens survey for the Bronx mission. The newly made flyers will serve as an important tool for the Thanksgiving outreach planed by the Church ministers


Olivet Seminary Officially Opens in NYC, Provides In-depth Bible Studies

NY Immanuel Church cooperates with Olivet Theological College & Seminary(OTCS) to provide in-depth Bible studies - Olivet Seminary (OS) will officially open in New York City, with weekly lectures on select themes, starting on November 28

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NY Immanuel Church Holds First Regular Service in the Bronx

On November 6th, NY Immanuel held their first regular Sunday Service in the Bronx after the acquision of historic Church building on the Willis Ave. Members traveled and gathered in the new church location and offered the first service to God

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NY Immanuel Church Acquires Historic Church Property in the Bronx to Open New Era

By the great grace of God, NY Immanuel Community Church acquires the historic, 1200 seats church in the Bronx that serves as its new home. Gaining of the new property signifies the settlement of New York Immanuel Church, and the opening of magnificent new mission era for Immanuel to reach many in

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NY Immanuel and YEF One-Day Retreat Held Graciously at NYU

The joint one-day retreat of NY Immanuel Church and YEF NYU was graciously held on Oct. 15th at NYU Global Center. In total 17 people joined the event, including 4 bible study students invited by Immanuel. Three messages taken from Romans 1-3 enlightened listeners' hearts as they learned the reality

NY senior group

NY Immanuel Church Holds First Senior Group Bible Study

NY Immanuel Church held the first senior Bible study on October 6th, evening with 3 seniors' joining, who are current Chinese members' parents. The Bible study time was gracious as the seniors received the words of God with a humble heart.

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NY Immanuel Holds Mini-retreat with YEF NYU to Raise Youth Leaders

NY Immnuel Church will hold a mini-retreat with YEF NYU in the mid of October. The one-day retreat will cover core messages in the book of Romans, from Chapter 1 to 3, which covers the topics of universal consequence of sin, and the only remedy found in Jesus

New York

NY Immanuel Seeks to Hold Worship Services in Diverse Languages

In a recent meeting among Church ministers, the need of offering diverse-language services in NY Immanuel Church has been disussed and emphasized. Currently Immanuel holds two services in English and Chinese