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Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)


The Amazing “Resource X” - Essential for Personal, Church, and Economic Vitality by Rev. Paul de Vries, PhD, Pastor

The Amazing “Resource X” - Essential for Personal, Church, and Economic Vitality by Rev. Paul de Vries, PhD, Pastor

A hot political issue this year is the chilled economic picture for many people. The general economy may not be in a recession – but millions of families are suffering from their own private “recessions”! Growth in the job market in May 2016 was tragically low, and fewer people have jobs than

mothers prayer meeting

NY Immanuel Holds Mothers' Prayer Meeting

On May 21, New York Immanuel held a prayer meeting for mothers and wives of the church. This meeting was organized to help mothers to share their concerns and pray together with others, who also share the similar concerns and burdens as mothers.

bible study

New Comer Joins Bible Study

Another new comer joined the Thursday Bible study at NY Immanuel Church via Meetup outreach today, making the Thursday event continually grow in number. The ministers are hopeful that through the online platform and street evangelism more can be gathered to hear the words of God.

Mother's Day sermon

Mother's Day Sermon by Dr de Vries

Being the mother of Jesus, Mary was in a special position. Referring to Luke 1:28, Mary is highly favored. Her life was filled of God's grace. From Mary's song found in Luke 1:46-55, the first two verses shows and example of her faith. The purpose of humanity is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

A Strangely Strong Hope – Above the Partisan Chaos

A Strangely Strong Hope – Above the Partisan Chaos

Commitment to even a good cause is absurdly difficult to achieve in our highly partisan national and local politics.

Sunday Service

Sunday Sermon by Dr. de Vries

The sermon, "The With us God", focuses on Jesus' final command in Matthew 28:20. On April 10, Dr. de Vries delivered this message here at Immanuel Community Church (C). The King James Version of the main passage says "And Lo". Some Bible translations left out this command. This sermon told


“Eastern Wisdom” vs. American Education

Can we draw attention again to the tragic brokenness of American education?

Easter Testimony

Graceful Testimonies are Given after the Easter Gathering

A three-day Easter gathering in Dover was full of grace. During the lectures, prayers, and worship night, an abundance of God's grace touched the hearts of many who attended the Easter gathering. The last day of the gathering concluded with testimonies and below are some of the testimonies.

A Well-Established Resistance to the Establishment

A Well-Established Resistance to the Establishment - By Pastor Paul de Vries

In both Biblical teaching and in personal experience, there is much to learn from crises of the “establishments.”

Nicolas' Testimony

New Haven Brother Nicholas' Testimony After Attending Church for 3 Years

Peniel Minister interviewed Brother Nicholas on August 11 about his reflection and testimony. Nicholas has been attending the church for 3 years faithfully to both Bible studies and Sunday services.