Immanuel Community Church
Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)



NY Immanuel Reaffirms 100 Church Planting Goal until 2019

New York Immanuel Church reaffirmed a goal of planting 100 churches in New York State by 2019. The list of locations is being organized and handpicked

0720 Sunday service

Immanuel Learns Great Example of Love from the Book of Philemon

Congregants of Immanuel Community Church received the precious Word of God on Sunday, July 17.


Rev. Dr. Paul de Vries Answers Questions on Youtube

One of the features of NY Immanuel Church monthly sermon from Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Paul de Vries is the Q&A section after the service. During the Q&A section, the faith-related questions and Biblical interpretation on current world issues are answered by Dr. Paul de Vries to enhance the

CN evangeslim

Chinese Members Join Weekend Evangelism with Grateful Hearts

Chinese members of New York Immanuel Church participate in the city's missiom work on weekend evangelism activity at Washington Square Park, near NYU campus

0629 news

NY Immanuel Begins New Sermon Series to Witness the Truth of Chrisianity

NY Immanuel Community Church concluded sermon series on Romans and started new series in July. The new sermon topic is "living a life of Gospel practically by looking at the example of Jesus"

kr class

Immanuel Opens Korean Class for Beginners

As part of community program, NY Immanuel has launched a 5-week Korean language class, which will commence from July 9 through August 6


NY Immanuel Church Holds Picnic on Governor Island

On July 4th, members of NY Immanuel Church had a gracious picnic time at the Governors Island, which is situated approximately 732 meters from the southern tip of

CN service

Immanuel Launches Chinese Sunday Service

Around 30 people joined the NY Immanuel Church Chinese Sunday service on June 12th. The afternoon service marks the beginning of diverse language service in New York City.

The Amazing “Resource X” - Essential for Personal, Church, and Economic Vitality by Rev. Paul de Vries, PhD, Pastor

The Amazing “Resource X” - Essential for Personal, Church, and Economic Vitality by Rev. Paul de Vries, PhD, Pastor

A hot political issue this year is the chilled economic picture for many people. The general economy may not be in a recession – but millions of families are suffering from their own private “recessions”! Growth in the job market in May 2016 was tragically low, and fewer people have jobs than

mothers prayer meeting

NY Immanuel Holds Mothers' Prayer Meeting

On May 21, New York Immanuel held a prayer meeting for mothers and wives of the church. This meeting was organized to help mothers to share their concerns and pray together with others, who also share the similar concerns and burdens as mothers.