Immanuel Community Church
Now you are the body of Christ. (1 Cor. 12:27)


  • Mother's Day Sermon by Dr de Vries

    Being the mother of Jesus, Mary was in a special position. Referring to Luke 1:28, Mary is highly favored. Her life was filled of God's grace. From Mary's song found in Luke 1:46-55, the first two verses shows and example of her faith. The purpose of humanity is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

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  • Sunday Sermon by Dr. de Vries

    The sermon, "The With us God", focuses on Jesus' final command in Matthew 28:20. On April 10, Dr. de Vries delivered this message here at Immanuel Community Church (C). The King James Version of the main passage says "And Lo". Some Bible translations left out this command. This sermon told

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  • A Well-Established Resistance to the Establishment - By Pastor Paul de Vries

    In both Biblical teaching and in personal experience, there is much to learn from crises of the “establishments.”

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  • Are There No False Gods Anymore? - By Pastor Paul de Vries-

    "Surely, Christians and Muslims pray to the same God," we are told often!

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  • [Christmas Sermon] by Pastor Alma

    "There is this very different perspective of the nativity. It reveals who was not there attending the birth of Christ. This gospel was intended for the Jews, to really argue that Jesus was the one to save them. Matthew wants to identify and present the image of the Jews before God and how they were

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  • [Christmas Sermon] by Pastor Allan

    This isn't the typical message to be delivered on Christmas, but rather one that is ultimately important. The author of Hebrews is difficult because it draws on so much from the Old Testament practices and rituals to explain Jesus. The tabernacle is explained very deeply here to reveal the role of

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  • Understanding Sin and the Reality of the Devil by Pastor Allan

    If one wants to find the answers to life: how did things begin, why am I here, why does it matter? It can all be answered within this first book of the Bible. All of man can see the beautiful world that He created and intended.

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  • Sunday Sermon with Dr. de Vries

    Dr. de Vries attended and delivered the message for the 2pm service at New York Immanuel Church on November 8. He brought a wealth of knowledge in the scripture on the topic of hope, both evident through the sermon itself and the following lecture he delivered about hope in Roman. The sermon was

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  • New York Immanuel Holds Q&A with Dr. de Vries

    This Sunday, October 12, had Dr. de Vries deliver the message at New York Immanuel Church for the 2 pm service. After the service, a short Question & Answer session was held by the minister in order to facilitate discussion about the message.

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