• Jun23
    Church Cleaning Day!

    On June 23, the coming Saturday, Immanuel Church will hold another cleaning event to clean the Church building, especially the gymnastic area. The gym has been used for sports fellowship a lot these days for members and kids. It’s a great opportunity to clean and re-organize the space for further use. Please join us on…

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  • Jun16
    Weekend Evangelism

    Dear friends, Immanuel Church would like to invite you to join the evangelism time on Saturday afternoon. We will gather and form several teams to invite people around in the neighborhoods to the Church programs. Evangelism is as easy as sharing the good news you have heard. Let’s pray and encourage one another to share…

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  • Aug25
    Summer Retreat

    The summer retreat is held at the end of the season and will unite members regionally in biblical fellowship and study.

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  • Jun18
    Father’s Day

    Father’s Day in the United States is on the third Sunday of June.

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