• Jun26
    Summer Retreat 2021

    Immanuel Presbyterian Church will be holding a summer retreat in June during this time when members and newcomers will study the Word of God, share fellowship, pray and grow in faith together.

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  • May23
    Immanuel Pentecost Retreat

    On May 23rd, Immanuel Presbyterian Church plans to hold a Pentecost Retreat expecting the great pouring of the grace of the Holy Spirit, and prayers will be given for this meeting. The retreat will include lectures on the meaning of Pentecost, and the prayer meetings so that the participants would be able to experience the…

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  • Apr24
    Monthly United Retreat

    Immanuel plans to hold the monthly retreat united by sister churches in the East Coast on April 24th. After the Easter, New York Immanuel wishes to have the opportunity to be soaked into the word of God and share the word to many. The theme and the schedule will be released soon. Stay tuned!  

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  • Apr04
    April Easter Service

    On April 4th, New York Immanuel Presbyterian Church will hold an Easter celebration service. After the lent, the church wishes to greet the Easter reflecting on the resurrection of Jesus and experience a great spiritual renewal. For this celebration of the Easter the church will hold a service and fellowship. Please join us. Contact at…

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  • Jan01
    Immanuel New Year Service

    On the first day of the new year of 2021, Immanuel plans to hold a New Year service. By offering up the first day of the year to the Lord, the church wishes to ask for the blessings from above with the word of God and prayer. This day the church will begin the new…

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  • Dec25
    Immanuel Christmas Service

    On December 25th, Immanuel will hold a Christmas Service celebrating Jesus’ birth and meditating on His coming who dwelt among us as Immanuel. God of Immanuel revealed through Jesus Christ is the one who needs to be praised this day and the church will also hold a fellowship after the service. Please join in this…

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  • Dec23
    Immanuel Winter Retreat

    From December 23rd to 24th, Immanuel plans to hold a winter retreat celebrating Christmas eve and Christmas meditating on the meaning of Jesus’ birth from the scripture, so that the baby Jesus could be welcomed to our hearts in this winter. The truth is the light and warms our hearts that’s easily become cold in…

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  • Dec11
    Immanuel Healing Prayer Meeting

    Immanuel plans to hold a healing prayer meeting on the second week of the month of December Friday with all the congregation and the members invited. The church has been holding special prayer meetings and in the month of December, the church wishes to focus on healing prayer for families and for those who are…

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  • Nov26
    Thanks Giving Service and Celebration

    On November 26th, Immanuel Presbyterian Church plans to hold a Thanksgiving Service and its celebration followed by the special dinner. Reflecting on what God has done this year with a full gratitude the church wishes to offer all thanks to the Lord and celebrate the harvest that God has allowed them to reap. More information…

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  • Nov21
    Immanuel Monthly Retreat

    Immanuel Presbyterian Church will hold a special Monthly retreat for church members, newcomers and the sister churches in the East Coast locally and regionally. This event will be held either in person or virtually so that many can be invited and join whenever the location they are in. The lecture will be delivered by the…

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