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Category: Events

Immanuel Winter Retreat

From December 23rd to 24th, Immanuel plans to hold a winter retreat celebrating Christmas eve and Christmas meditating on the meaning of Jesus’ birth from

Immanuel Healing Prayer Meeting

Immanuel plans to hold a healing prayer meeting on the second week of the month of December Friday with all the congregation and the members

Thanks Giving Service and Celebration

On November 26th, Immanuel Presbyterian Church plans to hold a Thanksgiving Service and its celebration followed by the special dinner. Reflecting on what God has

Immanuel Monthly Retreat

Immanuel Presbyterian Church will hold a special Monthly retreat for church members, newcomers and the sister churches in the East Coast locally and regionally. This

Weekly Pastoral Visits and Prayer

Immanuel Pastors and Ministers plan to pay visits and pray for the congregation every week, especially those who are suffering from physical pains. Amid pandemic,