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New Life Evangelism Event

The previous church event aimed to extend a warm and inviting embrace to new souls seeking solace and spiritual connection. Embracing the spirit of inclusivity,

Immanuel Monthly Retreat

Immanuel Presbyterian Church is excited to announce a special Monthly Retreat, open to church members, newcomers, and sister churches in the East Coast, both locally

Immanuel Pentecost Retreat

On May 23rd, Immanuel Presbyterian Church is eagerly preparing to host a Pentecost Retreat, filled with anticipation for the extraordinary outpouring of the grace of

Easter Service

On April 4th, the New York Immanuel Presbyterian Church is eagerly preparing to hold a joyous Easter celebration service. As the season of lent draws

Immanuel Healing Prayer Meeting

Immanuel is eagerly preparing to hold a deeply meaningful healing prayer meeting on the second Friday of August, welcoming all congregation members and visitors to


The Mother’s Prayer Meeting is a sacred gathering where mothers from all walks of life come together to seek spiritual solace and strength. This deeply