> Immanuel Monthly Retreat

Immanuel Monthly Retreat

Immanuel Presbyterian Church is excited to announce a special Monthly Retreat, open to church members, newcomers, and sister churches in the East Coast, both locally and regionally. This inclusive event is designed to accommodate participants either in person or virtually, ensuring that many can be invited and join from wherever they are located. The lectures during the retreat will be delivered by esteemed ministers from the Northeast region, with the lead Pastor of Immanuel playing a significant role. Understanding the profound impact of God’s word on our souls, the church is eager to nourish those who hunger for truth and love in Jesus Christ through these regular monthly retreats. As we prepare for this enriching experience, further details will be made available on the church’s website, including the RSVP link, which will be released in just one week. We warmly encourage everyone to join us and be part of this transformative journey in deepening our faith and love for Christ.