> Immanuel Pentecost Retreat

Immanuel Pentecost Retreat

On May 23rd, Immanuel Presbyterian Church is eagerly preparing to host a Pentecost Retreat, filled with anticipation for the extraordinary outpouring of the grace of the Holy Spirit. This sacred gathering promises to be a deeply spiritual and transformative experience as prayers are fervently offered for the divine presence to bless this occasion abundantly. The retreat’s program will encompass insightful lectures that delve into the profound significance of Pentecost, providing a deeper understanding of this holy occasion. Through heartfelt prayer meetings, participants will have the opportunity to encounter God and the Spirit in a remarkably intimate way, guided by the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. It is hoped that this spiritual awakening will lead to a bountiful harvest of faith and devotion that the community will joyfully offer to the Lord.