> Gracious Testimony from 2018 Easter Retreat

Gracious Testimony from 2018 Easter Retreat

Brother Christian and Tyrone shared the grace they received from the retreat after Sunday service. Christian testified that he can see the exciting movement of the kingdom of God from the diverse attendees from different countries. “The message of Christianity is really the proven message as now I see so many people from Asian countries also worship together,” said Christian, “And to me this is also the new beginning of faith as someone from a born Catholic background.”

Brother Tyrone shared the grace from the lecture time, “The Bible study from John 13-19 was really gracious. I even noted down the grace I received from the message. This retreat time opened my eyes to the understanding of cross and his resurrection personally.”

New comer Tony and Aidan who joined the united retreat for the first time were also grateful to the opportunity to join the retreat and would like to join more Bible study and service the Church provided. Immanuel ministers were thankful to God and all the sacrifice made to make the retreat happen. May the grace of God continue to guide and lead the Church members growth as they testify to the amazing power of the cross and resurrection!