> Gracious Testimony Given at 2018 NYC Pentecost Retreat

Gracious Testimony Given at 2018 NYC Pentecost Retreat


2018 Immanuel Pentecost retreat ended on May 20 with the Sunday and closing service. Attendees testified to the abundant grace they received through the lecture, service and prayer time.

Christian Guillermo said it is always gracious whenever he attended the retreat at Immanuel Church. “The retreat help me realize deeper the sacrifice Jesus had made; the fellowship and love from the Church family is just beautiful.”

Tyrone Bishop shared his reflection of being baptized on this special occasion. “I always wanted to be baptized, but I don’t really know the meaning of baptism until I learned that baptism begins with our hearts. I am very joyful to be baptized today.”

Sister Youngjin Song from Boston Immanuel Church who was also baptized on the Pentecost Sunday shared also her reflection. “I was overwhelmed by the love of God received through the Holy Spirit. God said it’s just the beginning but there is much more He’d like to share with me. I am thankful for this retreat time.”

Richard Cerruti from EC also thank God and all the members who help during the retreat time. He recited a poem he wrote on the true meaning of Pentecost, which lies in the love and action enabled by the Holy Spirit.

May God continually pour down His abundant grace upon the Church and each individual by the gracious given Holy Spirit.