> January Mini Retreat Expounds Creation of God

January Mini Retreat Expounds Creation of God

NYC Immanuel Church held a graceful mini Retreat on January 26th with the theme of Male and Female God Created. The retreat was consist of 3 Bible Lectures about Genesis 1-2, followed by reflection sharing and prayer meeting.

First two lectures on Genesis chapter 1 provided a profound explanation of Creation and how the Evolution theory influenced human history in its moral and ethical implication. The principle of Evolution, which is “Survival of the Fittest” or “Natural Selection” was natures’ way of eliminating weaker and inferior species, led the human history into the cruel genocide. Millions of people were murdered by the cultural revolution, The Holocaust and Stalin’s Massacres. The lecture concluded with explaining the meaning of God’s creation of Man and Woman and the role of each.

The third lecture explained the structure of man that is consist of body, soul and Spirit and existence of the afterlife. She emphasized the importance of life on earth as it is the opportunity to prepare the eternity.

The Retreat left many graceful testimonies and concluded with a prayer meeting.