> Jubilee NYC Praise & Prayer Night Witnesses United, Fervent Worship

Jubilee NYC Praise & Prayer Night Witnesses United, Fervent Worship

Praise & Prayer Night, held by Jubilee, NYC Immanuel, and Elim NYC, concluded wonderfully in God’s grace. NYC members gathered at Bronx Immanuel with enthusiastic worship and fiery hearts for prayer before the Lord. This praise team featured an all-member ensemble, with the addition of a new drummer, Kelli Miyahira, on the drums. In harmony and unity in the Holy Spirit, the all-member team coordinated smoothly, carrying out graceful performances.

Congregational engagement also testified to God’s presence. Members clapped and sang heartfelt songs, such as “For Unto Us a Child is Born,” “Angels from the Realms of Glory,” “The First Noel/Above All.” At the height of worship, Jubilee’s own original “Love Gives Life” (written by P. Chris Chou, P. Miriam Chou, P. Mifa Kim, and P. Reuben Chae) engaged members to meditate on the birth of our humble King Jesus, and His life of kenosis and obedience–the cross that demonstrated unfailing love, and the resurrection that leads to new life.

Elim NYC leader led the congregation to pray passionately for Immanuel church and NYC revival. God’s Spirit moved powerfully among members as He healed, comforted, and strengthened.

Kelli, a recent NYU graduate in music therapy and an avid drummer, testified in gratitude after the event: “It was such an incredible experience worshiping God on the drums.  This is a fairly new instrument for me, but it’s something I’m very passionate about.  Even the process of learning and workshopping the music was an eye-opening experience as to how I could best use the drums to capture the emotion and meaning within these songs.  I think as a musician a lot of us might dream about playing at Carnegie Hall or Madison Square Garden.  I know I have at some point, but to play intimately, vulnerably, and humbly before the God of the universe was such a privilege and blessing.  Thank you all for inviting me to worship with you.  It was such a beautiful night and one I will remember.

Glory to God for providing abundantly for His people to praise Him as one nation. May NYC ministries prepare the bowls together to welcome a spiritual revival through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.