> Jubilee Praise & Prayer Night Overflows with Holy Spirit’s Movement and Testimonies

Jubilee Praise & Prayer Night Overflows with Holy Spirit’s Movement and Testimonies


Friday, Nov. 16, Jubilee Praise & Prayer Night at Immanuel Church NYC concluded in God’s abundant grace. In the place of the regular Friday prayer meeting, this worship event invited numerous newcomers and members to worship and pray deeply to God.  With God’s blessing and the Holy Spirit’s gracious presence, the night finished with overflowing grace and testimonies from attendees.

The worship night was 90 minutes long. Praise sessions and prayer sessions interspersed, allowing worshippers to put their prayers in songs’ context and singing their prayers in songs. In the themes of thanksgiving, repentance, adoration, and supplication, worshippers were led to shout out boldly for God’s forgiveness and restoration in their lives. Jubilee’s original “Only the Cross” was placed at the height of the praise sessions. This introduced to worshippers the core values of Olivet Assembly, that “redemption is only found in Jesus Christ,” and that His cross has become our lives.

“Indeed the same Spirit of God worked tonight,” commented P. Eliana of Elim. “When the prophecy for a member spoke about resurrection, worship leader commented on it during worship. Again, when the topic of change was prophesied to another, worship songs reflected that topic. Let us rely on the Holy Spirit all the more whatever we do.”

Moved by the Holy Spirit, Immanuel church staff and Jubilee staff are very thankful to God for providing the ways for praise and prayer night to happen. All Jubilee members, as well, beamed with graceful smiles at the end and looked forward to more Jubilee fellowship. Many aspects are yet to improve to recreate a more wholesome, coherent, and graceful event next time. However, staff members could feel the God’s shining hope for conducting monthly praise nights with Jubilee at Immanuel church.