> Northeast Ministers and Missionaries Hold Monthly Mission Conference

Northeast Ministers and Missionaries Hold Monthly Mission Conference

Northeaset region ministers and missionaries held monthly mission conference, Saturday, March 23, where they shared the mission progress and their situation and spiritually recharged themselves by praying and listening to lectures about the Bible and the History of God.

Dr. Rachel Kang delivered 2 lectures on the Bible and the History of God, emphasizing the importance of finding out how precisely God has been working according to His plan and timeline. She also stressed importance of being awakened and realizing our calling at this moment, at this place and knowing that it is so special as our calling is also based on the sacrifice of countless ancestors of faith who had run their race in their time.

“I felt that our ministers and missionaries are thirty for knowing the word of God deeply and having a systematic Bible study program is very importance for the success of mission and evangelism. I plan on giving lectures specially on Bible and the History of God to ministers and missionaries and hope they would encourage and awaken them in their mission fields,” Dr. Kang reflected, following the Q and A session and the mentoring session on mission.

One of the missionary also shared her relfection: “Having this session helps me to be awakened spiritually and be united with the center. I also had many questions regarding mission strategy and Bible study resources. This conference helped me to get an idea of how I can do mission efficiently.”

Let us pray that God refreshes and gives strength to our precious ministers and missionaries so that they may bear abundant fruits throughout this year.