> Northeast Region Summer Retreat on Sermon the Mount

Northeast Region Summer Retreat on Sermon the Mount

On August 12, the Northeast Region summer retreat commenced with a great expectation of the work of the Holy Spirit. Church members from New York, Dover, New Haven, and Boston gathered at Immanuel Church in Dover for the retreat which will cover the Sermon the Mount from Matthew 5-7.

In the opening service, Pastor Peter from New York Immanuel Church preached from Matthew 8:1-10 on Jesus’ healing a leper. He emphasized that it’s a great blessing to come to Jesus as we couldn’t heal someone who is spiritually numb and ill by ourselves. He will recover and cleanse us so we gain the confidence to come to him. He will send us out as a royal priesthood.

The retreat will be continued with 4 lectures that will cover Matthew 5-7 and the first day’s schedule will be concluded with a prayer meeting.