• Psalm 100:1-5 – Time to Shout for Joy to the Lord!

    On November 11, NYC Immanuel Community Church held a graceful Sunday service, delivered by  Dr. DeVries. Being a Month of the thanksgiving, his sermon highlighted 4 attitudes of believers; to shout, to serve, to seek and to celebrate in thanksgiving toward God through Psalm 100. Below is the summary of his sermon. “Psalm 100 is…

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  • Jubilee Praise & Prayer Night Focuses on Encountering God with New Souls

    Jubilee Praise and Prayer night will be held on November 16th, in collaboration with Immanuel Church. The praise and prayer night, titled “Encountering God,” will be geared toward newcomers and potential new members. Mission staff prays for students to receive a time of healing, renewal, and commitment to the Lord as they meet Him deeply….

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  • Kids Sunday Art Class

    Every Sunday, kids at NYC Immanuel Church look forward to the Sunday School, during which they learn the art and unfold their talents, their love towards Jesus and God. Happy kids at NYC Immanuel Church!

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  • Graceful Outdoor Service and Picnic at Central Park

    On October 7, NYC Immanuel Church held a graceful outdoor Sunday Service and picnic at the Central Park. Pastor Peter Jung delivered the message from Luke 17:20-21. Luke 17:20-21 20 Once, on being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The coming of the kingdom of God is not…

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  • Dec21

    Christmas Retreat

    NYC Immanuel to host the regional Christmas Retreat from December 21-23, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The event will be consist of Bible lectures, fellowships, activities and etc.

  • Nov22

    Thanksgiving Service

    Immanuel to host the Thanksgiving service and meal to offer the gratitude and thanksgiving to God for what He has done in our lives for this year. All are welcomed to join this feast!  

  • Nov16

    Praise & Prayer Night

    Immanuel Church to host the praise and prayer night with the theme of Encountering God.


  • Gracious Testimony Given at 2018 NYC Pentecost Retreat

        2018 Immanuel Pentecost retreat ended on May 20 with the Sunday and closing service. Attendees testified to the abundant grace they received through the lecture, service and prayer time. Christian Guillermo said it is always gracious whenever he attended the retreat at Immanuel Church. “The retreat help me realize deeper the sacrifice Jesus had…

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  • Gracious Testimony from 2018 Easter Retreat

    Brother Christian and Tyrone shared the grace they received from the retreat after Sunday service. Christian testified that he can see the exciting movement of the kingdom of God from the diverse attendees from different countries. “The message of Christianity is really the proven message as now I see so many people from Asian countries…

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  • Gracious Testimonies Shared in 2017 Christmas Retreat

    Attending the 2017 East Coast Christmas retreat at Dover, NY, members from Immanuel Church received a lot of grace. During the last day of the tesimony time, two young members from the Bronx also shared their testimony: Brother Christian shared that “God said where two or three gather in His name He is there. Even…

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  • Gracious Sharing Overflows in 2017 US Northeast Summer Retreat

    The testimony time after the closing service on August 20th overflowed with abundant grace at the 2017 Northeast Summer retreat. In total, 8 people came up to share their testimony over the three-day retreat, reminding all the attendees the abundant grace they received from the Lord. Brother Christian from the Bronx, New York shared that…

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