• NYC Immanuel Sunday Service: Looking, Learning, and Leading in 2019

      On January 13th, NYC Immanuel Community Church held the Sunday Service with Dr.deVeries preaching from Matthew 28:16-20, with the title of “Looking, Learning, and Leading in 2019” As we look ahead at the beginning of 2019, the Great Commission at the end of the Apostle Matthew’s record of the Gospel is especially loaded with…

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  • NYC Christmas Retreat 2018 Concluded, Graceful Testimonies Abound

    2018 Christmas Retreat in NYC was concluded on December 23rd, with closing service delivered by Pastor Peter Jung from Matthew 1:23. 3 days retreat from 21-23 left many graceful testimonies from attendees. Below is the summary of the closing sermon. In today’s scripture, it says that Glory to the newborn king. How can a newborn…

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  • NYC Immanuel Sunday Service: “God With Us”

      On December 9th, Immanuel Community Church in NYC held a graceful Sunday service, honoring the 2nd Sunday of Advent. Dr.Devries delivered the message from Matthew 1:18-25 about Immanuel God who chooses to be with us at the bodily form of humanity. Matthew 1:22-23 22 All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had…

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  • Jubilee NYC Praise & Prayer Night Witnesses United, Fervent Worship

    Praise & Prayer Night, held by Jubilee, NYC Immanuel, and Elim NYC, concluded wonderfully in God’s grace. NYC members gathered at Bronx Immanuel with enthusiastic worship and fiery hearts for prayer before the Lord. This praise team featured an all-member ensemble, with the addition of a new drummer, Kelli Miyahira, on the drums. In harmony…

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  • Feb21

    Campus Prayer Circle @ NYU

    Immanuel Church will host monthly prayer circle at New York University for all college students in NYC.

  • Jan26

    Christian Marriage Seminar

    Monthly Mini-retreat with the theme of “Male and Female God Created” will be held on January 26th in NYC.

  • Jan25

    Mission Conference

    Regional Mission Conference for Northeast will be held to discuss and set up the goals for the new year 2019.


  • Semester Kick-Off Retreat Concluded with Overflowing Grace of God

    NYC Immanuel Church held a Semester Kick-Off Retreat for college students and concluded with the overflowing grace of God on September 29th. The retreat with the theme of “No other name” focused on the salvation through Jesus Christ through 3 stories in the book of John. The first lecture was delivered on John 4, the…

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  • Gracious Testimony Given at 2018 NYC Pentecost Retreat

        2018 Immanuel Pentecost retreat ended on May 20 with the Sunday and closing service. Attendees testified to the abundant grace they received through the lecture, service and prayer time. Christian Guillermo said it is always gracious whenever he attended the retreat at Immanuel Church. “The retreat help me realize deeper the sacrifice Jesus had…

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  • Gracious Testimony from 2018 Easter Retreat

    Brother Christian and Tyrone shared the grace they received from the retreat after Sunday service. Christian testified that he can see the exciting movement of the kingdom of God from the diverse attendees from different countries. “The message of Christianity is really the proven message as now I see so many people from Asian countries…

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  • Gracious Testimonies Shared in 2017 Christmas Retreat

    Attending the 2017 East Coast Christmas retreat at Dover, NY, members from Immanuel Church received a lot of grace. During the last day of the tesimony time, two young members from the Bronx also shared their testimony: Brother Christian shared that “God said where two or three gather in His name He is there. Even…

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