• Gracious Testimony Given at 2018 NYC Pentecost Retreat

        2018 Immanuel Pentecost retreat ended on May 20 with the Sunday and closing service. Attendees testified to the abundant grace they received through the lecture, service and prayer time. Christian Guillermo said it is always gracious whenever he attended the retreat at Immanuel Church. “The retreat help me realize deeper the sacrifice Jesus had…

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  • Gracious Testimony from 2018 Easter Retreat

    Brother Christian and Tyrone shared the grace they received from the retreat after Sunday service. Christian testified that he can see the exciting movement of the kingdom of God from the diverse attendees from different countries. “The message of Christianity is really the proven message as now I see so many people from Asian countries…

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  • Gracious Testimonies Shared in 2017 Christmas Retreat

    Attending the 2017 East Coast Christmas retreat at Dover, NY, members from Immanuel Church received a lot of grace. During the last day of the tesimony time, two young members from the Bronx also shared their testimony: Brother Christian shared that “God said where two or three gather in His name He is there. Even…

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  • Gracious Sharing Overflows in 2017 US Northeast Summer Retreat

    The testimony time after the closing service on August 20th overflowed with abundant grace at the 2017 Northeast Summer retreat. In total, 8 people came up to share their testimony over the three-day retreat, reminding all the attendees the abundant grace they received from the Lord. Brother Christian from the Bronx, New York shared that…

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  • Dr. de Vries Exhorts Immanuel Members to Live a Jesus-Centered Life

       Following the theme of the month “Renewal and Discipleship”, Dr. Paul de Vries gave the Sunday sermon on June 10, at Immanuel Church, from Acts 2:22-41, “Peter’s Pointed, Passionate Message”, to encourage believers to live a Jesus-centered life that brings the power of transformation not only to oneself but others. “In our walk with…

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  • Immanuel Church Concludes Gracious Pentecost Gathering

    Immanuel Church concludes the gracious Pentecost gathering from May 18 – 20 with worship and prayer night, series of Bible lectures, prayer meeting and closing service on Pentecost Sunday. Attendees of the gathering received a lot grace through the messages and prayer time. Many confessed their faith are being strengthened through the event. Immanuel ministers…

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  • Communion Ceremony Held on Pentecost Sunday at Immanuel Church

    During Pentecost Sunday and closing service of 2018 Immanuel Pentecost retreat, a Communion Ceremony was also held. Members meditated on the sacrifice made by Jesus, whose blood shed and body broken so the new era of Holy Spirit could be opened. Immanuel Lead Pastor Peter Jung presided the ceremony and led the congregants to once…

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  • Baptism Service Given at 2018 Immanuel Pentecost Retreat

    On May 21, the Pentecost Sunday and closing service of 2018 Immanuel Pentecost retreat, a baptism service was given to three precious members. Christian Guillermo, Tyrone Bishop and Youngjin Song affirmed their faith by confession and received the baptism. Christian Guillermo and Tyrone Bishop were committed members from Immanuel Church. Both of their faith and willing heart to…

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  • Jun16

    Weekend Evangelism

    Dear friends, Immanuel Church would like to invite you to join the evangelism time on Saturday afternoon. We will gather and form several teams to invite people around in the neighborhoods to the Church programs. Evangelism is as easy as sharing the good news you have heard. Let’s pray and encourage one another to share…

  • Aug25

    Summer Retreat

    The summer retreat is held at the end of the season and will unite members regionally in biblical fellowship and study.

  • Jun18

    Father’s Day

    Father’s Day in the United States is on the third Sunday of June.